Divorce & Family Law

A compassionate approach paired with powerful advocacy

Going through a divorce or custody dispute is often one of the most stressful experiences in someone’s life. It may seem like everyone you know has a horror story or some well-intentioned (but unhelpful) advice to share. The Divorce and Family Law attorneys of Isaacson & Raymond can quickly put your worst fears to rest and provide you with the support and knowledge to navigate the legal process, preserve your financial security, and minimize your anxiety.

There are simple and effective ways to minimizing the impact that your court case has on your children. Too often, children are caught in the middle. Our child-focused approach to family law will provide you with the communication skills to co-parent and the resources you need to minimize drama. We work with local therapists, guardian ad litems, and mediators who can bring your case to a successful resolution in less time.

Many attorneys who claim to practice “family law” have a limited knowledge and understanding of complex financial matters. Our attorneys specialize in large asset divorces. Preserving your financial security requires an in-depth understanding of business structures, investments, and tax law. Our attorneys have the knowledge and creativity to find solutions that can ensure financial security as you enter into this new stage of your life.

Isaacson & Raymond attorney who will serve you in these matters is:

Jason Dionne

My family struck gold by hiring Jason Dionne for my son’s child custody case. Jason’s efforts were far above and beyond the expected and I cannot state how much my son’s life has been benefited from his work. I have recommended him to close friends and family and would recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney to improve their child’s life through family court.
— Jeffery B.