Meet Our Staff 


At the forefront of our dedication to exceptional client service is the Issacson & Raymond office staff. Our staff are not only highly knowledgeable but are friendly, responsive, patient, and have the ability to explain legal matters in a concise, accessible manner. Our goal is to keep clients as informed as possible as their case moves through the legal process.

Our legal assistants are cross trained in the many facets of our practice. Each staff member serves as a resource for the team as a whole, collaborating to share best practices or efficiencies for our clients. Our staff can often be seen out in our community, as we prioritize making time for both community involvement as well as staff events to strengthen our team.

Isaacson & Raymond has a very rich culture that we keep at the forefront of our minds and consciously work on. This helps our team of attorneys and staff work together, sharing thoughts, ideas and strategies. This culture is introduced to staff members during the hiring process and expected throughout their career here. The Isaacson & Raymond “family,” as it’s called, is built on a history of long-tenured staff members.
— Lisa Dumont, Office Manager, Isaacson & Raymond
The Isaacson & Raymond family at work